Independent Education Union of Australia

The Independent Education Union of Australia (IEUA) represents employees working in non-government schools and institutions across Australia. Included in its membership are teachers, principals, and other staff working in faith based, community, and independent schools; early childhood education and care centres; and post-secondary centres across Australia.

History of educators working together

The IEU has a long and rich history. It is the history of teachers working together to ensure that their contribution to quality education is valued by the community.

The organisation of unions in non-government schools at state level dates back to the early years of the 20th century. In the early 1970s, these teacher organisations formed a national peak organisation, the Independent Teachers Federation of Australia (ITFA). ITFA’s purpose was to give a national voice to teachers employed in non government schools.

In 1985, the ITFA affiliated to the Australian Council of Trade Unions and attended its first ACTU Congress in Sydney. Federal registration was achieved on 8th October 1988. The name was later changed to the Independent Education Union of Australia.

Organising and representing our members

IEU staff have a deep knowledge and understanding of the work of teachers and education support staff. They understand the school context, the complexity of the teaching process, and the complex relationships which exist within a school – between teachers, students, parents, the school’s leadership and employing authority, and the broader community.

The IEU has substantial authority and expertise in its roles of industrial and professional representation, dispute resolution, award and agreement negotiation, policy development, and lobbying for our current membership of over 75,000.