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Union Aid Abroad APHEDA

ACTU-Worksite Union Aid Abroad APHEDA [1]

APHEDA helps to provide education to children in developing countries.

What is Union Aid Abroad APHEDA?

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA [2] is the overseas humanitarian aid agency of the ACTU. The agency was established by the ACTU to support projects for workers in developing countries.

Why does it matter?

Workers in some of Australia’s neighbouring countries face exploitation and sweatshop conditions. By supporting these workers, the ACTU is sending a message that the fight for workers’ rights in one country is a fight for workers’ rights in every country.

How does it work?

In order to combat the global issues of workers who are unemployed, poorly paid and exploited, Union Aid Abroad works with local communities in 16 countries to train and educate workers struggling for their rights.

Union aid abroad assists by:

What can I do?

Support for the training projects come from the unions and their members. So by becoming a member of an Australian union, you’ll automatically be helping people in other countries with less opportunity than you. Find out more about their campaigns [2].