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Wave Hill 50 years on – media coverage

National Museum acquires iconic Bedford truck from the Wave Hill walk-off

The truck made about 15 trips during the Wave Hill walk-off years.

A piece of Indigenous land rights history is set to leave to the Northern Territory after local heritage authorities gave permission for a rusting Bedford truck to be sent to the National Museum of Australia (NMA) in Canberra.
Read at ABC News site [1]




ABC RN Sunday Extra: Wave Hill 60 year on [2]
Discussion with ACTU Indigenous Officer Kara Keys and ABC radio, Speaking Out, presenter Larissa Behrendt.
Podcast available [2]

Our History, Our future.
Address by ACTU Indigenous Officer Kara Keys [3]
To the ACTU Executive and Indigenous Leadership Conference
Tuesday, 16 August 2016

ABC Late Night Life: Celebrating the Wave Hill walk-off
Listen online [4] Phillip Adams interviews Robert Roy, Gurindji traditional owner, director Gurindji Aboriginal Council
Felicity Meakins, Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland, School of Languages and Cultures

Freedom Day TV spot (YouTube [5])

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